Internet Technology and Marketing Students – Web Pirates Are Looking For You on the Web’s High Seas

Pirates are not new to this world. From ancient times to the present, robbery on the high seas has been a constant.

Today, the business continues to thrive, often with the help of high tech devices like handheld GPS units. Hard though it might be to believe, in some places, the formula for riches continues to be a few fearless men, some guns, and a small motor boat.

But piracy isn’t limited to the high seas.

A computer, the ability to advertise on the web, and tales of overnight riches inspire internet pirates to claim to have expertise in marketing and technology that they either don’t have or don’t know how to teach. Whether they are garden variety conmen or so-called entrepreneurs whose ambition exceeds their know-how, they can dupe the average beginner into committing time and money to a service or product that isn’t equal to what they promised.

When I told one e-entrepreneur that the $5,000 charge for his live, five day set-you-up-with-all-you-need-to-be-rich-on-the-internet-course would obliterate my savings account, he asked me what I could possibly do with the money that was more beneficial. I hung up on that pirate.

When you’re blinded by hope and myth, you see little about the downside-the risk of losing trust and money to clever scams or internet “friends” who want victims, not students. Yet, many who wouldn’t give a bag lady a dollar pay hundreds to these internet hawkers of hope.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning online marketing or technology. Don’t buy from a “one-stop” instructor who claims you, too, can make a million. Credible instructors distinguish what they can and do teach from what they do not. No one can teach you “all” you need to know about online technology or marketing for any price in a weekend or a week.

On the other hand, don’t let the audacity of a few keep you from seeking serious teachers who can become trusted mentors. Look for teachers with a brick and mortar approach-those who stress that being online requires the same toolbox mentality required by any traditional business: a good product or service, marketing and a delivery system.