Nokia N96 – Internet Technology and Culture of Always Being Online

We have already introduced earlier that the N96 has features of WiFi connectivity as well as the ability to connect to third-generation networks — third-generation networks which are available in various data plans in almost all countries that provide mobile phone connectivity and services today. In fact, in a press release by the company, they have announced the importance and stressed the capability of the phone to be able to connect anywhere it is. This has proven to be a popular marketing strategy and an essential technology not only for the target market in which the mobile phone is trying to address and capture, but also to any kind of consumer today especially among all the other competitors in mobile phone devices.

The ability to connect anytime anywhere has always been the dream of mobile connectivity, and it is beginning to be a reality given the kind of technology, hardware, and service available today.
However, it had been only recently that this has been given an extensively heavyweight and that is the instance when Apple had released its mobile phone product. Unlike many cellular phones compared to the phone that Apple released it was only this device which integrated advanced web browser with the ability to surf the Internet naturally from a mobile phone. In the past, mobile phones when connected to the Internet had only a small market to capture. Recently, however, because of the proliferation of social networks, online services, Web collaboration, and even online business Web applications, being connected is not anymore a choice or any advantage but already a constant in which any kind of person would need especially if he or she wants to keep in touch with the way the modern world works and moves.

Therefore, for the N96, the focus of Internet connectivity had been taken to a whole new level because it wants to compete with the other WiFi equipped phones around as well as the integrated browser that is bundled together with the purchase.

Also, during the past five years, one of the most popular integrated technology in mobile phones is its ability to play music on the go. This has also been a direct result of a product by the computer manufacturer Apple land it had gained the hearts of many with its product the iPod. However, past reviews and passed mobile phones which had integrated music playing technology into their hardware had made consumers disdain because of the difficulty of playing music within such devices. With the Nseries phones, however, the company had wanted to show that music is indeed a possibility in mobile phones and it is already here in their devices. This has been an effective marketing strategy for the company because it was one of the factors which contribute to future sales. Also, the ability and specific technology of the N96 to synchronize music from the computer or download them directly to the net — another sign of the culture of connectivity and how the mobile phone addresses it — is making it popular among review sites and consumers, even consumer centered on a business environment.